Ayurvedic Prescriber for Doctors (Disease wise Classical Medicines Prescription)

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Ayurvite Wellness Ayurvedic Prescriber for Doctors is a handy guide for practitioners of Ayurveda. The prescription written here are based on the clinical experience of Ayurvedic doctors of Ayurved Bharati Hospital & Panchakarma Center, Kukthari. Author does not claim any guarantee for cure.

Ayurveda says that each and every patient is different in their nature, body type, and constitution. Hence, the treatment can not be the same for each patient. The prescriptions we have written here are only for the guidance, doctors should correlate clinically and make necessary changes as per the requirement.

Common people and visitors are requested not to try any formulation or suggested medicines without doctor’s consultation. Ayurvedic medicines do not cause any harm or side effect if taken under Ayurveda physician’s supervision. If you want to consult an Ayurvedic doctor, please book your appointment here.

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