Fever with Swelling in Joints (Jwara, Sandhi Shopha)

Commonest causes of Fever with Swelling in Joints: There may be possibility of rheumatic fever; look for other criteria to support the diagnosis. In adult rheumatoid arthritis, fever may present with joint swelling. Following Ayurvedic medicines are suggested-

1.Godanti Bhasm: 10 gm

Prawal Pishti: 10 gm

Punarnavadi Mandur: 20 gm

Swarnamakshik Bhasm: 5 gm

Mahavat Vidhwansahan Ras: 5 gm

Sarvajwarhar Louh: 10 gm

Mix all of these medicinal combinations and make 30 parts. Take 1 part twice daily with honey or lukewarm water empty stomach.
2.Mahasudarshan Vati- 500 mg

Aamvatari Ras- 250 mg

Twice daily with honey or water after meal.
3.Maharasnadi Kadha: 15 mlMix it with 30 ml of water and take it twice daily after meal.


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