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Following Ayurvedic medicines are suggested for Anxiety-

1. Mandukaparni: 10 gm

Ashwagandha: 10 gm

Shankhapushpi: 10 gm

Jatamansi: 10 gm

Vacha: 5 gm

Kevanch Beej: 5 gm

Mishri: 40 gm

Mix all of the above mentioned powders an take 1 teaspoonful with milk or water twice empty stomach.
2. Brahmi Vati- 1 tab (500 mg) Take twice with water after meal.
3. Saraswatarishta: 15 ml Mix with 15 ml of water, and take twice after meal.
4. Brahmi Ghrita or Kalyanak Ghrita 10 gm at bedtime with milk
5. Chandanadi Tail or Brahmi Tail For head massage