Following Ayurvedic medicines are suggested for Anxiety-

1.Mandukaparni: 10 gm

Ashwagandha: 10 gm

Shankhapushpi: 10 gm

Jatamansi: 10 gm

Vacha: 5 gm

Kevanch Beej: 5 gm

Mishri: 40 gm

Mix all of the above mentioned powders an take 1 teaspoonful with milk or water twice empty stomach.
2.Brahmi Vati- 1 tab (500 mg)Take twice with water after meal.
3.Saraswatarishta: 15 mlMix with 15 ml of water, and take twice after meal.
4.Brahmi Ghrita or Kalyanak Ghrita10 gm at bedtime with milk
5.Chandanadi Tail or Brahmi TailFor head massage


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