Gomutra (Cow’s Urine)- Ayurvedic Properties, Benefits & Uses

Gomutra cow urine is considered as a sacred entity in the orthodox Hindu religion. Since very ancient time, it is being used for many purposes such as Yagya/ Yajna/ Homa/ Havana or while performing all sorts of purificatory rituals in India. Subsisting on cow’s urine, cow- dung, milk, clarified butter (Ghrita) etc. we get from the cow for […]

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What is Panchakarma

Panchakarma is a Sanskrit word which means Five Procedures of Purification or Detoxification. These procedures are- Vamana, Virechana, Vasti (Anuvasana and Nirooha), Nasya and Raktamokshana. Now I am going to introduce these procedures one by one. VAMANA This is one of the Panchakarma therapy indicated for Kapha disorders. It is done by oral administration of

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Virechana Karma – Purgation Therapy

Introduction- Virechana is a process in which prakupita doshas (vitiated doshas) are expelled through adhomarga (rectum/ anus) by the administration of medicine through oral route. Medicines are used in different form like choorna (powder), kwatha (decoction), sneha (medicated oil/ ghee), lehya etc., depending on the condition of the patient. Procedure- Snehapana- Proper Snehapana (oral intake

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Agnikarma – Ayurvedic management of Pain and skin overgrowth

Agnikarma is a thermal para-surgical procedure, in which “AGNI” is used for intentional burning as therapeutic purpose. It is indicated for various Vata- Kapha disorders. IMPORTANCE OF AGNIKARMA It is a highly potential procedure than the bheshaja, Shastra & ksharakarma. It is very effective to terminate the chance of recurrence of the disease. No infection.

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