Gomutra (Cow’s Urine)- Ayurvedic Properties, Benefits & Uses

Gomutra cow urine is considered as a sacred entity in the orthodox Hindu religion. Since very ancient time, it is being used for many purposes such as Yagya/ Yajna/ Homa/ Havana or while performing all sorts of purificatory rituals in India. Subsisting on cow’s urine, cow- dung, milk, clarified butter (Ghrita) etc. we get from the cow for many purposes (medicinal or food).

gomutra cows urine

The urine of cow causes increase of Pitta Dosha, is non-unctuous, penetrating, hot in potency (Ushna Virya), pungent and salty in taste; cures wounds, oedema, enlargement of abdomen, distension, colic pain and anaemia; mitigates Kapha and Vata, useful in abdominal tumours, loss of appetite, poison leucoderma, leprosy and other skin diseases including haemorrhoids. Is is easily digestible, best suited for therapies like purgation, application over the skin, sudation etc. stimulates hunger, digestion, break the solidified materials in the body. So among all the Ashta mootra vargas (eight categories of urine) the cow’s urine is considered the best and in case of urine, the urine of female animals are considered the best because of their lagutva guna (lightness). According to the researches held on cow’s urine it shows that the cow’s urine is a very good pesticide and also a good plant fertilizer i.e. when the cow’s urine, cow dung and other bio-natural wastes are used as fertilizers after making them to delay in a pit for at least 10-15 days, the plants grow in a very fast manner and the nutritional content found in those type of plants was very high as compared to those of synthetic fertilizers used in the process.

Derivation of the word Gomutra cow urine –

“Go- prasava”- that which flows out of a cow is called as “Gomutra”

Synonyms of Gomutra (cow’s urine)-

  • Go-jala
  • Gomabha
  • Go-neesa
  • Go-drava
  • Bramhabha
  • Surabhi Jal
  • Go-paaniya
  • Go-srava
  • Gavaap
  • Gokilaal
  • Go-neera

Types of Gomutra (On the basis of its flow)- 

  1. Paada Gomutrika
  2. Ardhva Gomutrika
  3. Shloka Gomutrika
  4. Viparita Gomutrika

Gomutra Sangrahana Kaal (when we should collect cow’s urine)-

It is advised that the first and last part of the out flow of cow’s urine is neglected and the middle part is collected in early morning (pratah kaal) and evening (Sayam kaal). It is used as a direct medicine or in the preparations of various Ayurvedic medicines or formulations. For direct intake of Gomutra (cow’s urine), filter collected cow’s urine with the help of 8 folds of cotton cloth. Cow’s urine can be collected in glass, stainless steel or earthen pot. Urine of a pregnant cow and who delivered a calf (for a period of two months after delivery) should be avoided. It is said that urine of Shyama (black colored cow) should be preferred.

Physical Properties of Gomutra (cow’s Urine)- 

  • It is a liquid.
  • It is slightly yellowish in color.
  • It is non unctuous.
  • It has typical uric acid or Ammonia smell.
  • It is a bit astringent & salty to taste.

Chemical Properties of Gomutra (cow’s urine)-

  • It mainly contains Ammonia (NH3) in it.
  • It is acidic in nature.
  • When dipped the blue litmus paper turns to red indicating its acidic nature

Chemical Composition of Gomutra (cow’s urine)-

  • The harmone ACTH (Adeno Corticotropic Harmone) is isolated from female pregnant cow’s urine.
  • In addition of that it consists other components such as enzymes, amino acids, bile pigments & mainly ‘Erythropoetin’ which helps in the genesis of blood.
  • Some of the laboratory analysis of cow’s urine shows it contains many importan micronutrients and substances like copper, manganese, iron, nitrogen, carbolic acid, sulphur, chlorine, silicon,  magnesium, titric acid, citric acid, sucerinic citrates, enzymes, calcium salts, some other mineral salts, vitamins like A, B, C, D, E, creatinine, uric acid, hormones etc, and most interestingly hipuric acid, which is useful in removal of toxins through urine; Aurum hydroxide, which acts as germicide and there by acts as immuno-modulators and helps in increasing immunity / resistance against minor to major infectious agents. On an analysis, thhe mentioned constituents of Gomutra (cow’s urine) are found to be very useful in balancing of Tridosha. It is said that whenever we urinate some of the micronutrients were lost, which are well compensated by daily intake of Gomutra.

Actions of Gomutra (cow’s urine)-

Cow’s urine acts as a bio enchanter. It is mild purgative if taken internally. It is used as an ingredient in some Ayurvedic Medicines used for obesity, pain, neuromuscular disorders, fever, skin disease, abdominal dropsy etc.

Guna, Karma (Ayurvedic properties) of Gomutra (cow’s urine)-

Rass- Katu, Tikta, Kashaya

Virya- Ushna

Guna- Ruksha, Laghu

Karma- Pacha, Agnideepak, Bhedaka, Kapha Vata Nashaka

  • Gomutra is also used for giving Vasti/ basti (therapeutic enema).
  • According to a book Ayurvedic System of Medicine written by Kaviraj nagendranath senaguptha the urine of the cow is slightly sweet, corrective of disorders, destroys worms & cures leucoderma. It also helps in management of itching of the body & is highly beneficial in abdominal dropsy.

Dosage and form of intake of Gomutra (Cow’s urine)-

  • Crude Gomutra- Freshly collected cow’s urine in morning can be taken in dose of 10 to 50 ml empty stomach once or twice a day. Equal to double quantity of lukewarm water should be added.
  • Gomutra Arka (Godhan Arka/ Gojharan Arka)- Distillate of cow’s urine can be taken in a dose of 5 to 20 ml twice a day 1 hour before meal. Equal to double quantity of lukewarm water should be added.
  • Nasyam- Nasal administration of cow’s urine is performed by Ayurvedic physician in some psychological disorders.
  • Gomutra Vasti/ basti- In some types of Niruha and Lekhana Vasti (therapeutic enema), Gomutra (cow’s urine) is used to treat diseases like obesity, sciatica, lower back pain etc.
  • Gomutra Ghan Vati (Gomutra Tablets) are also available in the market which can be taken orally in a dose of 1 to 2 tablets daily before meal. This tablet can be crushed and applied locally by mixing with required quantity of water in some skin diseases and itching.
  • Gomutra (cow’s urine) is also taken orally along with aloevera juice, tulasi juice, giloy juice, wheatgrass juice

Benefits and Uses of Gomutra (cow’s urine)- 

Gomutra (cow’s urine) is considered as a good antibacterial, anti-fungal, antibiotic, anti allergic, antimicrobial, anti-helmenth etc. in modern terms. Gomutra is Pitta Vardhak but Tridoshahar. Based on dosage and in combination with others, Gomutra is used from small infection to severe disease.

Dose of Gomutra is fixed by physician based on condition and severity of the disease.

Therapeutic Uses of Gomutra (cow’s urine)-

  • Obesity- Along with honey and lime juice, Gomutra (cow’s urine) is taken orally to treat obesity without any harm to other system.
  • Hypercholeteraemia- For high cholesterol level, Gomutra is used along with Jeerak (cumin), triphala churna, Dalchini and honey. This is taken empty stomach for 30 days and lipid profile may be done to check its efficacy.
  • Fever- In high grade fever, Godhan Arka is used with Jeraka Jala. This also cures loss of appetite in fever.
  • Asthma and other Respiratory Diseases- Gomutra along with Shunthi, Pippali and honey is used in Asthma for 2 week. This remedy also reduce wheezing sound from chest.
  • Abdominal Pain and Colic- Lukewarm Gomutra mixed with a Vatashamak oil is applied locally over the site of pain and firm massaged in anuloma gati.
  • High blood pressure- Fumes from Gomutra heated with ghee are inhaled and the mixture is applied locally over naval in case of hypertension (high BP). Same process can be used in depression and headache.
  • Khalitya (Baldness)- Nasyam of cow’s urine and local application is useful in baldness.
  • Jaundice- Cow’s urine with kutaki and jeerak is used in jaundice.
  • Diabetes- Gomutra is helpful to increase the production of insuline by stimulating beta cells of Pancreas.
  • Acne and pimples- Gomutra is applied locally with the help of cotton or as face wash to cure acne and pimples. It reduce excess sebum production from sebaceous glands of skin and thus is recommended in oily skin.
  • Leucoderma- Cow’s urine mixed with Shuddha Gandhaka or Avalgujadi Beeja Powder is used for local application in affected part in some cases of leucoderma.
  • Skin diseases like fungal infection, itching, eczema- Gomutra mixed with Nimba Tvak Choorna/ Kalk is applied locally.
  • Arthritic pain- Gomutra mixed with Gomay (cow dung) is heated and applied locally in site of pain and inflammation gives a fast relief from pain and swelling.
  • Dandruff- Gomutra, lime juice and til taila (sesame oil) is applied locally on scalp. Have hair wash after 30- 60 minutes with lukewarm water is good remedy for dandruff.

Other Uses of Gomutra (Cow’s Urine)- 

  1. Used as ‘Godhan Arka’. Arka is a distillate preparation.
  2. Used in shampoo, soaps etc. toiletry products.
  3. Cow’s urine is a disinfectant, so can be used as substitute for phenyle.

Vishishtha Yoga (Pharmaceutical Preparations) of Gomutra-

  • Sanjivani Vati
  • Mahapanchagavya Ghrita
  • Panchagavya Ghrita


Now a days, Gomutra cow urine is being used to treat various diseases like gastric disorders, jaundice, skin ailments and cancer. A new drug “Cow’s gift” treats many chain of diseases.Gomutra is used in the Rasashastra for purifying the Dhatu, Upadhatu, Visha and other herbomineral compounds. Many researches are going on the subject & by the time gap of 5-10 yrs, we can use cow’s urine or gomutra even for curing the dangerous diseases like Cancer, AIDS etc, which is the hope of all those Ayurvedic physicians and researchers. Govigyan Anusandhan Kendra, Nagpur is engaged in various research projects on Gomutra.

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