5 Healthy Tips for Marriage – for both Men & Women

Going to marry this season ? If your answer is a Yes, then this article will be your subject of interest. And if your answer is a big NO, then also you will find it very useful for your friend, who is going to marry this season. Because of today I will be writing on 5 best Healthy Tips for Marriage.


Why There is a Need of Healthy Tips for Marriage

Feelings before marriage is a combination of different thoughts in mind and feelings and emotions in heart. There are excitements, hesitation, happiness, shyness, tonnes of love, some sort of fear and worry. Arranged marriage is a  culture of wedding where parents or elders of the family choose and decide a perfect match for their daughter or son. Arranged marriage is not a knot between a boy and a girl but it is a beginning of a new relationship, new expectations, new hopes, new reasons of happiness for the entire family. In excitement and happiness, sometimes we forget to take care of our health, which in future leads to some health related problems. 5 healthy tips for marriage written in this post will help you to avoid common mistakes and suggest you the tips to increase happiness within you and your life in future after marriage by 5 times. People say a healthy living is a perfect happy living. So to enjoy your healthy and happy married life, just start following these healthy tips for marriage from today.

Healthy Tips for Marriage (Tip No. 1)

healthy tips for marriage

Avoid spending whole night on the phone to chat or call your fiance. I understand it is very difficult to keep away from your loved one for a while, but this is the most important among all healthy tips for marriage I have written here. Continuous and excess talking or chatting on the phone may lead you to suffer from some health issues like insomnia (sleeplessness), lethargy, body ache, headache, constipation, gastric trouble, acidity, palpitation, eyes problems etc. and this may lead to some serious illness related to heart or brain. Our body, brain and heart need some rest to function properly. So take proper rest to keep your brain and heart healthy, and function more efficiently for your loved one.

Healthy Tips for Marriage (Tip No. 2)

healthy tips for marriage

Increase fresh fruit intake in your diet. Everyone knows that fruits are fully loaded with vitamins and minerals which will load all the health in your body, mind and soul. The food you take, at the end, reflects in your mind and thoughts. Now the point comes which fruits we should consume more ? It is my personal advice to consume different flavours of fruits just like fruit salad. Or you may take different fruit in different time. Bananas are very good to increase your body weight and help you look more fluffy and fullness of rejoicing in your face. Oranges will increase your complexion and leaves a glow on face. We all grown up by hearing a line an apple a day keeps the doctor away. And this is absolutely correct. If you want to keep diseases away, eat an apple daily.

So intake of 2 bananas in the morning, 1 orange in noon and an apple at night will be a perfect combination to make you perfect. So prefer this tip among other healthy tips for marriage if you want to shine in your marriage and ready to beat the heat.

Healthy Tips for Marriage (Tip No. 3) –


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Reduce intake of hot and cold beverages. When I was thinking about healthy tips for marriage, this tip came into my mind first, but as little intake of them may not cause much harm and now it became a fashion, so to leave a fashion is very difficult to avoid but could be controlled.  Excess intake of tea, coffee and carbonated drinks can harm your systems especially digestive and reproductive system. They also cause mild sedative effects to our brain. Why we should take those things which are harming our body and of no use in our system. It is better to take alternatives like herbal drinks, fruit juices and milk which will nourish you and you healthy married life.

Healthy Tips for Marriage (Tip No. 4) –

healthy tips for marriage

Practice yoga and meditation daily. When we talk about complete happiness, our body, mind and soul should be happy to reflect happiness in our life. This is one of the best among all 5 healthy tips for marriage because Yoga and meditation should be practised by everyone to stay fit and happy.

Healthy Tips for Marriage (Tip No. 5) –

healthy tips for marriage

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How is this tip healthy? This question may come in your mind. Let me explain. If there is a positive and healthy environment in our home, then a positive psychological energy full of happiness will circulate within you. This healthy environment will help us to live healthily. Always take care of your parents. I have seen in many families that parents are suffering from negligence and are not being taken care properly after the marriage of their son. One thing you should always remember that by the blessings and sacrifice of our parents, we reach in the position to enjoy life. So keep this in mind to make you parents a part of this happiness which is given by them. By doing this you will enjoy your life more happily and healthier.

There are many other ways and healthy tips for marriage to spend more happy and healthy life, but I found these 5 to be most important in the current scenario of lifestyle, habit and fashion. Please don’t forget to share your suggestions in the comment box.

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