Ahiphenasava (also spelt as Ahiphenasavam) is an Ayurvedic medicine available in liquid form. It is used in severe diarrhoea, dysentery, gastroenteritis and other life-threatening conditions. This medicine contains purified and processed poisonous ingredients. It is highly recommended to take Ayurvedic physician's advice before it's consumption.

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Ingredients of Ahiphenasava

  1. Madhuka madya (Madhuka) 4.800 L
  2. Phaniphena (Ahiphena) 192 g
  3. Mustaka (Musta) 48 g
  4. Jatiphala 48 g
  5. Indra Yava (Kutaja) 48 g
  6. Ela (Sukshmaila) 48 g

(Reference: Bhaishajyaratnavali,  Atisaradhikara: 100-101)

The quantity of each ingredient shown here is as per the text. It may be changed accordingly as per your requirement.

Dosage of Ahiphenasava

5 to 10 drops alone or mixed with equal quantity of water twice a day after meal.




  1. Ugra Atisara (Severe Diarrhoea)
  2. Daruna Visuchika (Severe gastroenteritis)
  3. Pravahika (Dysentery)

Therapeutic Uses

  • In severe Diarrhoea, Ahiphenasava is taken in recommended dose two to four times a day. Also, Kutaj Ghan Vati (250-500mg), Shankha Vati (250mg), Bilwadi Churna (5gm) and Gangadhar Churna (2.5gm) is prescribed according to the condition. 
  • In severe gastroenteritis, Ahiphenasava is taken along with Sanjivani Vati (250mg), Kutaj Ghan Vati (250mg) and Leelavilas Ras (250mg) or Kamdudha Rasa (125-250mg) twice a day.
  • In dysentery, it is used with Kutaj Ghan Vati (250-500mg) and Bilwadi Churna (5gm) twice a day.

Side Effects, Pregnancy Safety & Precaution

  1. Ahiphenasava contains Ahiphena (opium) and Dhatura (thorn apple), which are poisonous. Though they are purified and processed for medicinal use, but it should not be taken without Ayurvedic physician's advice.
  2. No side effects reported. May cause sedative effect if taken in high dose.
  3. It should be taken with precaution in persons with hyperacidity.
  4. Not recommended in ulcers and diabetes.
  5. Not safe during pregnancy.

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