Lauha Preparations – How to prepare, characteristics & expiry date

Lauha preparations or Lauha Kalpa are one of the types of Ayurvedic medicine in which Lauha Bhasma (purified calcinated iron) is the main ingredient in addition to other drugs. In this article, I will explain you in brief about following points:

  1. Method of Preparation
  2. Characteristics
  3. Preservation & Expiry date (Shelf Life)
  4. Examples

Lauha Preparations – How to prepare?

  1. First, lauha bhasma is prepared by any one method mentioned in the Ayurvedic classics.
  2. The other ingredients as mentioned in the formula are made into fine powder.
  3. They are mixed with Lauha Bhasma according to the proportions mentioned in the formula.
  4. At the last, the powdered mixture is processed with prescribed liquids if mentioned and kept in sunlight for drying. This may be repeated for several times as mentioned. This process is termed as Bhavna.
  5. The final product is then made into tablets or kept in fine powder form.

Always remember, the final product in powder form should be very fine. The Lauha Bhasma should be prepared carefully and well prepared.


Lauha kalpas are generally clay coloured or brownish in colour. They may

Preservation and Expiration (shelf life)

They should be preserved in airtight glass or HDPE bottles, away from moisture and sunlight.

The expiry date of Lauha preparation is 2 yrs. But if they contain Parada (purified mercury) or its compounds, they do not lose their potency for an indefinite time.


Below are few examples of Lauha preparations, available in tablet and powder forms-

Navayasa Lauha- It is indicated in liver problems, anaemia, indigestion etc.

Dhatri Lauha- It is indicated in hair problems, headache, eye diseases, ulcers etc.

Saptamrit Lauha- Recommended in eyes diseases, headache, hair problems etc.

Tapyadi Lauha- It is generally used in liver problems like jaundice, hepatitis etc. It is also used in anaemia and indigestion.

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