Lepanam Preparations – How to prepare, preserve & their shelf life

Lepanam preparations (also spelt Lepa or Lepam) are a type of Ayurvedic Medicines in the form of a paste used for external application. It may be made of a single herb, poly-herbal or herbo-minerals. Lepanam may be applied to the affected part in slightly heated or cold form, depending on the condition or type of the problem. Generally, lepanam is indicated in wounds, joint pain, back pain, acne and pimples, burns, swelling etc.

In this article, I will explain in brief about following topics:

  1. Method of Preparation
  2. Characteristics
  3. Preservation & Expiry date

Lepanam Preparations – How to prepare

  1. The ingredients mentioned in the formula of Lepanam are made into a fine powder.
  2. They are mixed with a prescribed liquid or another medium to make a soft paste before use on the body. For this purpose, water, Gomutra (cow’s urine), oil, ghee, Dhanyamla etc. can be used as prescribed by the physician.
  3. It may be heated to lukewarm if indicated.
  4. It is then applied to the affected part. An outer cover or bandaging may be done if prescribed.


The lepanam is available in the churna (powder) form, but a freshly prepared lepanam is like a soft paste made from herbs.

Preservation & Expiry date (Shelf-life)

The Lepanam Churna should be stored in airtight glass or HDPE containers.

The Lepanam Churna made of single of multiple herbs preserves their potency for 30 days. Lepanam with mineral and metallic ingredients lasts for an indefinite time.

Hope you understood about lepanam in brief. Your comments and queries are highly appreciated.

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Ayurvedic Churna – How to Prepare, Preserve & Their Characteristics


Below are a few examples of Lepanam-

  • Nagaradi Lepa- for inflammation, pain, stiffness in joints and muscles.
  • Rasottamadi Lepa- for skin diseases, skin eruptions, itching etc.
  • Jatyadi Lepa- for skin diseases like wounds, ulcers, boils, itching, eczema etc.
  • Rasnadi Churna Lepa- for joint and muscular pain, headache etc.
  • Eladi Lepa- for pimples, acne, urticaria etc.
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