Medicinal Plants

Ingudi – Balanites aegyptiaca

The main action of Ingudi Balanites aegyptiaca are Kapha – Vata hara (kapha vata predominant diseases), Krimighna (deworming), Kusthaghna (cures skin ailments). Botanical Name of Ingudi is Balanites aegyptiaca. Family name of Ingudi is Zygophyllaceae or Balanitaceae (see wiki)   It is an important tree having seed oil with excellent therapeutic utility in kushta. Though modern research now …

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Jayanti – Sesbania sesban

Jayanti Sesbania sesban is a medicinal plant. It is known for its use in sore throat, cervical lymphadenopathy and for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is also used as a best medicine for Scorpion sting. Botanical Name of Jayanti – Sesbania sesban, Sesbania aegyptiaca, Aeschynomene elongata, Aeschynomene aegyptiaca, Aeschynomene sesban, Sesbania tchadica or Sesbania punctata. Family Name of Jayanti is …

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Musali – Asparagus adscendens

Musali Asparagus adscendens is a medicinal plant. It is known by different names in Ayurveda, such as – Talamuli, Musali, Chamara Musali etc. Musali Asparagus adscendens is known for its aphrodisiac property which enhances sexual power. The Ayurvedic classics mention two varieties of Musali viz. Shweta (white) and Krishna (black). The word Musali alone denotes the white variety, …

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