JYOTISHMATI Celastrus paniculata

Jyotishmati – Celastrus paniculata

Introduction of Jyotishmati Celastrus paniculata –  Botanical name of Jyotishmati is Celastrus paniculata. Family of Jyotishmati is Celastraceae. Jyotishmati is a shrub has clear shining and reddish yellow bunches of fruits in cold season and yellowish green flowers in the month of April. It is mainly used for medicinal purpose. It is used in the skin disorders, fever, headache

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Ardraka Zingiber officinale

Ardraka – Zingiber officinale

Ardraka (Zingiber officinale): The Aromatic Healer Basonym of Drug: The medicinal plant known as Ardraka is scientifically referred to as Zingiber officinale. Main Synonyms: In Ayurveda, Ardraka is known by various synonyms, including: Sunthi Vishvabheshaja Aushadha Mahaushadha Adraka Nagara Aushadhi Regional Name: Ardraka is also known by different names in various regional languages. Some common

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