Kasturyadi Gutika

Kasturyadi Gutika (or Vayu Gutika/ Vati) is an Ayurvedic medicine mainly used in Vata Vaigunya (neurological and neuro-muscular disorders), Vata Kaphaj Jwar (fever due to vitiated Vata and Kapha dosha), Shwasa Roga (asthma and dyspnoea) etc. It is named so because of Kasturi (musk), which is the main ingredient of Kasturyadi Gutika.Ayurvedic Tablets (Vati or Gulika) […]

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Eladi Vati

Eladi Vati (Eladi Gulika/ Eladi Gutika) is a drug of choice of Rakta Pitta (haemorrhage and bleeding disorder). It is also used in Swarabheda (hoarseness of voice), Kasa (cough), Chhardi (vomiting), Shwasa roga (asthma and breathing problems) etc.Read: Ayurvedic Tablets (Vati or Gulika) – Introduction, how to prepare & preserveIngredients of Eladi VatiEla (Sukshmaila) – 6 gPatra (Tejapatra)

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Agnitundi Vati

Agnitundi Vati is mainly used in digestive impairment, loss of appetite, indigestion, gastric trouble and other digestive problems. Agni is a Sanskrit word, which means fire (digestive fire). Agnitundi Vati stimulates digestive fire and helps in proper digestion. It is available in tablet dosage form.Read: Ayurvedic Tablets (Vati or Gulika) – Introduction, how to prepare &

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Amritarishta (also spelt as Amritarishtam, Amritarishtha) is an Ayurvedic classical medicine commonly used in all types of fever either acute or chronic. It is also good to be used in lack of immunity, decreased platelets counts, gouty arthritis, and more over as a tonic.Read Asava Arishta – Characteristics and Method of PreparationIngredients of AmritarishtaAmritarishta is a multi-herbal

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Abhayarishta also spelt as Abhayarishtam, Abhayarishtha is an Ayurvedic medicine used mainly for the digestive system. It is very much effective in Vata dominance and does Vatanulomana. It is used in gastritis, abdominal bloating, abdomen fullness, non-bleeding piles, chronic constipation etc.Read Asava Arishta – Characteristics and Method of PreparationIngredients of AbhayaristaFollowing herbs or raw material

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