Dravaka – A unique Ayurvedic Medicinal Form

Dravaka is a unique form of medicinal preparation in Ayurveda. These are in liquid preparations obtained from Lavana (salt) and Kshara (alkali). In this article, In this article, you will learn following points –

  1. Method of preparation
  2. Characteristics and preservation
  3. Expiry date or shelf-life of Dravaka

Method of preparation of Dravaka

As I said above that it is prepared with Lavana (salt) and Kshara (alkali). The procedure which is chosen for this conversion is Tiryakpatana or distillation with or without any addition of fluids as mentioned in the text. The method of distillation is well explained here in the article- Do you know what are Arka Preparations in Ayurveda.

  1. The ingredients mentioned in the formula are taken in the 1st chamber or vessel of Tiryakapatana yantra (distillation instrument).
  2. Any liquid, if mentioned, is taken first. Rest of the ingredients are properly dissolved or mixed in the liquid and then taken in the 1st
  3. It is heated or boiled up to the required time. The vapours get evaporated from the 1st chamber and go into the 2nd chamber (collection unit) through a connecting pipe.
  4. The temperature of the 2nd unit is optimised to a minimum where these vapours get easily condensed and liquefied.
  5. The collected distillate is the Dravaka.

Characteristics and preservation

The physical quality of Dravaka is laghu (lightness), ushna (hot potency), and tikshna (sharp or fast acting).

It is preserved in glass vessel or bottle with child resistant cap. The cap should be air tight, as it has a tendency

to get evaporated at room temperature.

Expiration or shelf-life

These preparations do not deteriorate by lapse of time if preserved properly.


Shankha Dravaka – It is the commonly practised available medicine in this form. The main ingredients of Shankha Dravaka are Arka Kshara, Snuhi Kshara, Chincha Kshara, Tila Kshara, Aragvadha Kshara, Apamarga Kshara, Yava Kshara, Swarjika Kshara, Tankana, Saindhava Lavana, Samudra Lavana etc.

That’s all about brief introduction of Dravaka. Your comments or queries are highly appreciated.

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