Nasya Karma – Therapeutic Nasal Drops

Nasya Karma is a bio purification method by which either the medicated oil or churna (powder) administered through nasa marga (either in one nostril or both of them). Nasya Karma is also termed as Nasyam. Nasya is very useful in the diseases related to neck, shoulder, cervical, mouth, nose, eyes, ear, head, brain, and hairs.


Nasya Karma Procedure

  1. The patient is lying on a bed or sits comfortably in Nasya chair.
  2. Soft massage over face, neck and head is given for few minutes and followed by light herbal steaming locally.
  3. Then the Nasya medicine is administered in each nostril.
  4. The patient is supported by experienced therapists.
  5. All precautions and safety measures will be followed to avoid any complication.
  6. After Nasyam, Dhumrapana, Kavalam should be done as Paschat Karma (post-operative).


3 days, 5 days or 7 days, may be extended to 21 days according to the condition.


Nasya karma is very much useful in diseases like a headache, migraine, cervical spondylosis, lock jaw, diseases of the mouth, teeth, eyes and ear, sinusitis, hair fall, premature greying of hairs, blemishes, brain tumour, paralysis, insomnia etc.


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