Vasti Karma – Therapeutic Enema


Vasti is most important procedure among Panchakarma. The word Vasti is named so because the urinary bladder of animals was used to eject contents of either unctuous drugs or eliminatory drugs in to rectum of the body in ancient days. Vasti karma may also be understand by term “medicated or herbal enema”.

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The word Vasti is used in following meanings- to dwell, to inhibit, to live, to stay, to abide, to reside, or to produce effect of aromatic drugs. The procedure of introducing the Ayurvedic medicines (oushadha, siddha (processed) kwath (decoction), tail (oil), ksheera (milk), mamsarasa (meat soup) etc to the Pakwashaya (large intestine) through guda (anus) is called Vasti Karma. It is also given through yoni (vagina), mutra marga (urethra) and to Vrana (wound or ulcer). The Vasti karma is considered to be the best treatment as it has got multifarious action on the body rather than other Panchakarma procedures. Vata is considered as active force. All the movements in the body are activated by Vata. Vata is pacified or controlled by Vasti karma and therefore is considered as Ardha chikitsa.

In modern medical system enema is used only to remove the stool from intestine/ rectum, but in Ayurveda, it will also produce Shodhana (detoxification and bio purification) of doshas, samsamana (pacifying) of disease, increases strength, vigor, immunity and longevity.


  1. Poorvakarma- Snehana- Abhyangam (external oleation) with appropriate medicated oil followed by Swedana (sudation/ herbal steam) is given to prepare patient fit for Vasti karma.
  2. Vasti karma- After proper poorva karma Vastikarma is done carefully. Patient is supported by experienced therapists. All precautions and safety measures will be followed to avoid any complication.


Vasti karma is very much beneficial in Vata predominant diseases like Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, paralysis, facial paralysis, diseases affecting all body parts, sciatica, infertility, cancer, spondylosis, slip disc, disc bulging, kidney diseases, diabetes, gynecological problems, sexual problems etc.

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