Avaleha or Lehyam – Introduction, Preparation & Preservation


Avaleha or Lehyam is one of the forms of Ayurvedic medicine which is semi-solid in consistency. It is prepared from mentioned drugs or herbs with the addition of Gur (jaggery), Sharkara (sugar or sugar candy) and boiled with prescribed Swarasa (drug juice) or Kwatha/ Kashayam (decoction). Avaleha is also termed as Modaka, Guda, Khanda, Rasayana, Leha, Lehyam etc.

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Method of preparation of Avaleha

In all types of Avaleha preparations, there generally have following ingredients –

  1. Kashaya (decoctions or other liquids)
  2. Gur/ Guda/ Sharkara (Jaggery, sugar or sugar candy)
  3. Churna (Powders or pulps of certain drugs)
  4. Ghrita (Ghee) or Tailam (oil)
  5. Madhu (honey).
  • First, Gur/ Guda/ Sharkara (Jaggery, sugar or sugar candy) is dissolved well in the decoction or liquid and strained to remove the foreign particles.
  • This solution is then boiled over a moderate fire.
  • When the Paka (Phanita) is tantuvat (thread like) when pressed between thumb and index finger or when it sinks down in a glass of water without getting easily dissolved, it should be removed from the fire.
  • Churna (fine powders) of herbs are then added in small quantities and stirred continuously and vigorously to form a homogenous mixture.
  • Ghita (Ghee) or Taila (oil), if mentioned, is added while the preparation is somewhat hot and mixed well.
  • Madhu (honey), if mentioned is added at the last when the mixture or preparation is cool and mixed well.



  • The Avaleha or Lehyam should neither be hard nor be a thick fluid.
  • When pulp of the raw herbs is added and ghee or oil is present in the preparation, this can be rolled between the fingers.
  • The growth of fungus over it or fermentation is signs of deterioration.
  • When metals are mentioned in the formula, the bhasmas of the metals are used.
  • In the case of specific drugs like Bhallataka, Vatsanabha etc. purified drugs alone are included in the preparation.
  • The colour and smell of the prepared Avaleha depend on the drugs or herbs used as ingredients.

Preservation and Storage

The Avaleha or Lehyam should be kept in glass or porcelain jars. It can also be kept in a metal container or pet bottles which do not react with it.

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Expiry or Best before date

Normally, Avalehas should be used within one year for best efficacy. Afterwards, its potency gets reduced.


  • Chyavanprash
  • Dhashmoola Rasayan
  • Agastya Haritaki
  • Manibhadra Gudam
  • Madananda Modaka
  • Ashwagandhadi Lehyam
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