Yavani (Trachyspermum ammi)

Basonym of the Drug

The original scientific name, or basonym, of the medicinal plant Yavani is Trachyspermum ammi.

Main Sanskrit Synonyms

Yavani is embraced by a plethora of Sanskrit synonyms that underscore its importance in ancient texts:

  • Yavani
  • Ajamoda
  • Deepyaka
  • Atishyapushpa
  • Shatahva
  • Ugragandha

Regional Names (Vernacular Names)

Yavani’s healing prowess is recognized through its diverse vernacular names in various regions:

  • Hindi: यवानी (Yavani)
  • Bengali: যবানি (Joboni)
  • Tamil: ஓமம் (Omam)
  • Telugu: వాము (Vamu)
  • Kannada: ಓಮಕ್ಕು (Omavu)
  • Malayalam: ആയം (Ayam)

Scientific Classification of Dravya

  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Order: Apiales
  • Family: Apiaceae (Umbelliferae)
  • Genus: Trachyspermum
  • Species: Trachyspermum ammi

Classical Classification of Dravya (Gana)

Yavani’s classification according to classical Ayurvedic texts is as follows:

Charaka Samhita:

  • Gana: Haritakyadi
  • Varga: Dashamuladi

Sushruta Samhita:

  • Gana: Ushakadi
  • Varga: Shatapushpyadi


  • Gana: Ushakadi
  • Varga: Shatapushpyadi

Bhavprakash Nighantu:

  • Gana: Haritakyadi
  • Varga: Dashamuladi

References in Ayurvedic Texts

Yavani’s presence is deeply embedded in classical Ayurvedic texts:

Charaka Samhita: Recognizes Yavani within the Haritakyadi Gana, signifying its applications in the text.

Sushruta Samhita: Acknowledges Yavani’s classification under the Ushakadi Gana, highlighting its role in traditional Ayurvedic practices.

Vagbhata: Classifies Yavani within the Ushakadi Gana, reaffirming its significance in Ayurvedic treatment strategies.

Bhavprakash Nighantu: Lists Yavani as a member of the Haritakyadi Gana, underscoring its role as described in this authoritative compendium.

External Morphology

Yavani presents itself as a herbaceous plant with distinguishing features. Its leaves are finely divided, and it produces small white or pink flowers, which ultimately yield its characteristic seeds.

Useful Parts

The most valuable part of Yavani is its seeds, which contain essential compounds contributing to its therapeutic properties.

Important Phytoconstituents

Yavani’s potent healing capabilities can be attributed to its complex array of phytoconstituents. Some of the significant compounds found in Yavani include:

  • Thymol: This aromatic compound is a key contributor to Yavani’s antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

  • Carvacrol: Another aromatic compound with antibacterial and antifungal potential, adding to Yavani’s medicinal prowess.

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