Jayanti – Sesbania sesban

Jayanti Sesbania sesban is a medicinal plant. It is known for its use in sore throat, cervical lymphadenopathy and for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is also used as a best medicine for Scorpion sting. Botanical Name of Jayanti – Sesbania sesban, Sesbania aegyptiaca, Aeschynomene elongata, Aeschynomene aegyptiaca, Aeschynomene sesban, Sesbania tchadica or Sesbania punctata. Family Name of Jayanti is […]

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Agastya – Sesbania Grandiflora

Agastya (Sesbania grandiflora): A Medicinal Powerhouse Basonym of Drug: The medicinal plant known as Agastya is scientifically referred to as Sesbania grandiflora. Main Synonyms: In Ayurveda, Agastya is known by various synonyms, including: Agasti Agastya-vriksha Agastyamula Agastikamula Regional Name: Agastya is also known by different names in various regional languages. Some common regional names include:

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