Amritarishta (also spelt as Amritarishtam, Amritarishtha) is an Ayurvedic classical medicine commonly used in all types of fever either acute or chronic. It is also good to be used in lack of immunity, decreased platelets counts, gouty arthritis, and more over as a tonic.Read Asava Arishta – Characteristics and Method of PreparationIngredients of AmritarishtaAmritarishta is a multi-herbal […]

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Do you know what are Arka Preparations in Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, drug manufacturing is done by various methods and every process has their unique qualities and properties. In this article you will know a brief information of Arka, how they are prepared and what are characteristics of arka. Arka is an Ayurvedic preparation/ medicine in liquid form. Arka is obtained by distillation method. This very interesting

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