Ayurveda business opportunities

Ayurveda is the Indian system of medicine with a wonderful history of more than 5000 years. When all the modern medical sciences surrender, Ayurveda is the only hope for health care management and treatment of disease.

When we look for Ayurveda Business Opportunities, we find only one or two options in this field. But, after reading this post, you will be able to find a number of options to explore in the field of Ayurveda. Ayurveda, not only offers you profitable business opportunities but also make you think ayurvedically which changes your lifestyle. Ayurvite Wellness provides a consultancy service for all types of Ayurveda business. Click here to schedule a video meet.

Ayurveda Business Opportunities – 9 best business opportunities

1. Ayurveda Clinic

After graduating in Ayurvedic medicine (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery – BAMS) and/ or post-graduation in Ayurveda (M.D./ MS), one can run their own private Ayurveda clinic where they can consult a patient and serve mankind. In an OPD clinic, you may also dispense Ayurvedic medicines, which enables you to get extra earning in addition to the consultation fee. Keep in mind, a good Ayurvedic doctor and quality Ayurvedic medicines are the keys to a successful Ayurvedic clinic.

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2. Panchakarma Hospital

One can open and successfully run an Ayurveda hospital with Panchakarma facilities. It is always recommended and better to have patient admission facility (indoor patients – IPD facility). If you are not an Ayurveda doctor, even though you can open an Ayurveda Panchakarma hospital by appointing an Ayurveda doctor in your hospital. This is one of the best among all Ayurveda business opportunities.

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3. Ayurvedic Tele Medicine Center

Ayush ministry and Government of India have approved the concept of Tele Medicine Center now. After completing mandatory training, an Ayurveda doctor can start their Ayurveda telemedicine centre or clinic and offer online consultation by phone, video call and email. After a consultation, if the patient agrees, the doctor can also send Ayurvedic medicines by courier or post to the patient’s address. The doctor can charge a fee for consultation and medicines. The fee can be collected by a number of online payment mode like UPI, e-wallet, direct bank transfer, e-payment gateways etc.

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4. Ayurvedic pharmacy

Ayurvedic pharmacy or manufacturing unit is another Ayurveda business opportunity. If you have good resources and investment capacity, then investing by opening an Ayurvedic pharmacy is a great deal. Nowadays, Ayurveda and herbal products are the first choices of health-conscious people who do not want to suffer from the side effects of chemical-based products. In an Ayurvedic pharmacy, one can manufacture classical Ayurvedic medicines (Shastrokta Aushadhi or generic ayurvedic medicines) like Vati, Gugulu, Rasa, Bhasma, Arishtam, Tailam etc; patent Ayurvedic medicines like capsules, tablets, syrups, cream, oil, etc; herbal extracts, essential oils, food supplements, juices, herbal tea, herbal cosmetics, Ayurvedic food. For Ayurvedic pharmacy, GMP and Ayush approval is mandatory. And if you want to manufacture food and supplements, then have to take FSSAI license.

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5. Ayurvedic products marketing company

Now selling your own brand products is an easy task with private label manufacturing or 3rd party manufacturing. In this business, COMPANY A (the marketing company) gets their products manufactured from COMPANY B (the manufacturer company). Company A, do only marketing of the products, and Company B manufactures products for Company A. The owner of the product is Company A. There should be some 3rd party manufacturing agreements between both the parties to go all well. In this way, one can start their Ayurveda business with very less investment.

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6. Online store

eCommerce is one the good platform to sell Ayurveda products and services. Anyone can get a profitable income by becoming an owner of Ayurveda e-commerce website and sell Ayurveda products online. These products could be their own marketed-by products or of other brands/ companies. This is also a good Ayurveda business idea to start with very low investment.

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7. Selling on other eCommerce platforms

One can get register and sell Ayurveda products in famous eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, SnapDeal etc and earn a good profit.

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8. Ayurvedic or Herbal farming

If you are a farmer, then it is a great Ayurveda business opportunity for you. Anyone with contract farming can start Ayurvedic or herbal farming business. All the Ayurvedic products manufacturer needs Ayurvedic raw material in a large quantity. You can start growing Ayurvedic raw material for them and earn a good income.

So, all the above are great Ayurveda business opportunities one can choose with proper planning, sincerity and dedication to become a successful entrepreneur.

Now, having an online presence is very important to get noticed and reach to a global audience.

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