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Turmeric (or Haldi/ Haridra) is a herbaceous plant, whose botanical name is Curcuma longa. Fresh turmeric root plays an important role in cooking, cosmetic and in therapeutical purpose. It is widely believed that turmeric finds its roots in South East Asia or South Asia where it is still grown extensively. In India, it has been in use since time immemorial holding a very important place among the spices of India for its proven therapeutic properties. It’s vivid, fast yellow colour made it an important dyeing agent in the ancient times and it is once again gaining popularity as a vegetable dye in today’s ethnic apparel industry.

We do grow fresh turmeric root in our associate’s farm under the supervision of experts (agriculturists and horticulturists).

Characteristics of fresh turmeric root

In accordance with the norms of the Spice Board, the physical characteristics of turmeric are finger-like in shape and form the secondary rhizomes of the plant Curcuma longa L.

Typical characteristics include:

  • Well set, closely grained, free from bulbs (primarily rhizomes) and ill-developed, porous rhizomes.
  • Their shape, length, colour and other characteristics are typical of the variety.

Nutritive values

Indian cooking attributes a lot of nutritive value to this spice. Apart from being used as a part of daily cooking, turmeric is believed to have many curative values that work differently on the organs of the body.

Given below, is a detailed list of nutritive values that turmeric has:

Cured turmeric composition / 100 Gram
Moisture 5.8 g /100 g
Protein 8.6 g /100 g
Fat 8.9 g /100 g
Carbohydrates 63.0 g /100 g
Fibre 6.9 g /100 g
Mineral Matter 6.8 g /100 g
Calcium 0.2 g /100 g
Phosphorus 0.26 g /100 g
Iron 0.01 g /100 g
Sodium 0.5 g /100 g
Potassium 175 IU /100 g
Vit.A 0.09 mg /100g
Vit.B 0.09 mg /100g
Vit.B2 0.09 mg /100g
Vit.C 49.8 mg /100g
Niacin 4.8 mg /100g
Calorific value 390 calories per 100g
Essential Oil Dried Rhizomes 5-6%
Fresh Rhizomes 0.24%

Pharmacological Properties of fresh turmeric root

Turmeric Component and their reported Pharmacological properties are as below-

Component Reported properties
Curcumin Anti HIV, Anti EBV., antiadenoma, anti carcinogenic, Anti aflatoxin, anti atherosclerotic, anti aggregant, anti
Angiogenic, anti arachidonate, anti cancer, antiedemic, Anti ischemic, anti inflammatory, anti leukemic, anti
Leukotrene, anti lymphomic, anti melonomic, anti metastatic, anti mutagenic, anti
Nitrossuminic, anti oxidant, anti peroxidant, anti Prostaglandins , anti sarcomas, metal chelator, anti Thromboxane, antitumour, antiviral, apoptotic, fibrinolytic, Hepatoprotective, immune Stimulant, ornithine decarboxylase inhibitor, protease Inhibitor, protein kinase inhibitor.
Bis – desmethoxy -Curcumin Anti angiogenic, anti inflammatory, cytotoxic, anti cancer
Demethoxy curcumin Anti angiogenic, anti inflammatory, anti cancer
Tetrahydro curcumin Anti oxidant, anti -inflammatory
Alpha curcumin Anti tumour, anti inflammatory
Ar- turmerone Anti inflammatory , anti tumour, cox-2 inhibitor , choleretic, hepatotonic
Turmerine Anti mutagenic, anti oxidant, DNA protectant
Curcumol Anti cancer, anto sarcomic, anti tumour (cervix)
Curdione Anti leukopenic, anti sarcomic, anti tumour, anti X-radiation.
Dehydrocurdione Analgesic, anti arthritic, anti edemic, anti inflammatory, anti oxidant, anti pyretic, Calcium- Channel blocker.
Zingiberene Anti rhinoviral , anti-ulcer, carminative


It is available for bulk selling. Minimum order quantity is 100 kg.

Sealed poly pack or packed in cartoon wrapped by polyethene.

Delivery time

Fresh turmeric root is always kept under the ground in natural condition. After an order, it is harvested, packed and then shipped to the buyer’s location. 3 to 7 days are required for shipment.


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