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Dr. Tomar?s Ayurvite Wellness offers you Classical (Shastrokta) Ayurvedic Medicines at wholesale rate/ factory price.
Dear Doctor,
You are working very well in the field of Ayurveda. The special reason for your being a leader in this field is that you do not compromise the quality of Ayurvedic medicines. If you need high quality of Ayurvedic medicines (Kupipakwa Rasayan, Bhasma, Pisti, Parpati, Ras, Vati, Gugglu, Churna, Ghansatva etc.), Then we can provide it.
Our pharmacy (G.M.P. Certified Unit) has been working since the year 1983 to produce high quality Ayurvedic medicine. In our pharmacy all types of Bhasmas are made from COW DUNG CAKE and all the classical/ traditional procedures are followed as mentioned in classics under the supervision of Ayurvedic doctors. We are also able to take care of quality of medicine as well as fulfil your expected quantity. Our pharmacy provides all the medicines directly to Ayurvedic doctors, Vaidyas and Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturers at FACTORY RATE. No Distributor, Dealer, Medical representative will be between us.
The rates are final and net price. No further discount is available. Shipping charges will extra.
These classical medicines are available for doctors, for clinical use only. We do not sell these medicines to retail outlets.


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