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Charaka Samhita is one of the Ayurvedic classical text written in Sanskrit by Maharishi Agnivesh. It is further edited by Maharishi Charaka and Acharya Drudhbala. It is written in 8 sthanas (8 parts) viz.-

  1. Sutra Sthana
  2. Sharira Sthana
  3. Nidana Sthana
  4. Vimana Sthana
  5. Chikitsa Sthana
  6. Kalpa Sthana
  7. Siddhi Sthana
  8. Indriya Sthana

Sutra Sthana

Sutra Sthana comprises of all the basic principles of Ayurveda, lifestyle guidelines, dietary regimen and seasonal regimen. It also includes descriptions of some diseases and their treatment.

Sharira Sthana

In Sharira Sthana, there is a detailed description of human anatomy and physiology. Also, some parts of gynaecological topics and obstetrics are discussed here. We can also find the description of fetus development from the very first month till delivery. Sharira sthana also explains the caring guidelines and regimen which a pregnant mother should follow.

Nidana Sthana

Nidana Sthana describes the diagnostic approaches in Ayurveda. The sign and symptoms, types, causes and parthenogenesis of a disease are explained very scientifically.

Vimana Sthana

Vimana Sthana includes the description of various medicinal properties like Rasa, Guna, Veerya, Vipaka and Prabhava.

Chikitsa Sthana

In Chikitsa Sthana, we can find the detailed description of a disease, causes, sign and symptoms and their treatments.

Kalpa Sthana and Sidhhi Sthana

Kalpa Sthana and Sidhhi Sthana are the collections of various medicinal formulations used for the treatment of a disease, especially by Panchakarma. This section also deals with the details of problems and their management caused due to improper Panchakarma.

Indriya Sthana

In Indriya Sthana, there is a detailed description of Indriya lakshana means the fatal signs.

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